Business-management software
crafted precisely
to run your organization

What you get

Event management

You run events - e.g. education programs or student contests - and need to automate the process and impress your users with a digital solution

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Organization management

Your organization needs automation, but you work in a field rich with complex processess or regulations, so existing ERP solutions lack flexibility to accomodate your requirements

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And beyond that...

You desire a very special piece of software - so special that it barely fits any known categorization?
We'll be happy to help you define and build it!

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How it happens

  1. Once the introductions are dealt with, we will interrogate you intensely but gently to understand your requirements.
  2. We start building. Usually you will see the first results in the form of working software a couple weeks after we settle with the goal.
  3. We will gradually implement the required bits and pieces, make sure that you see how the software shapes and adjust our direction based on your feedback.
  4. Even after the whole piece is done we will be there to support you and implement any improvements, once you discover you need them.


Simply say hello to us at
We'll get back to you and do all the questioning.


We are a swift remote-first team of engineers working across time zones, happy to serve you wherever you reside.